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As the main activity is going to the beach, here is a few pictures of them :)


The first beach is located 320m from the house and it is of stones:


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There is a variety of beaches in Silo, here is a short gallery:


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Restaurants, Food & Wine in Krk



Because of its rich seafood offer and fruitful land, back in the Roman times Krk earned the name Insual Aurea (The Golden Island) and this food culture is carefully preserved to this day. Island offers an amazing range of family owned taverns and great restaurants serving authentic island olive oil, Krk cheese and traditional dishes using only the freshest local ingredients, seafood and lamb. When it comes to pairing authentic Krk recipes with the perfect wine, locals know that you cannot go wrong with the locally grown and produced Vrbnička žlahtina, dry white wine of deep golden colour.





Attractions on Island Krk



Krk cathedral

Krk Cathedral defines the skyline of the old town of Krk. The early Christina Basilica was built on the site of the 1st century Roman baths, but the majority of the cathedral was constructed in the 12th century.


Town walls and streets

During the summer months, the narrow cobbled streets of the old quarter are filled with visitors enjoying the history and unique ambience of the island.


Krk churches

As with the rest of Croatia, there are many sacred attractions on Krk island, including a wealth of well-preserved churches such as St. Michael the Archangel dating from the 13th century.


Frankopan courthouse

The square tower of Krk’s Frankopan Castle was used as a courthouse since 1191. The Frankopan Courthouse features a carving above the door explaining that the building was part of the municipality during the time of Krk’s first Count, Dujam I.


Vela market place

One of Krk’s ‘don’t miss’ attractions is the Vela market place, a hub of activity for visitors during the summer months. In addition to a 16th century well, this town square holds more fascination underneath the market place where archaeological relics dating from 4 BC can be seen.


Biserujka cave

In Rudine, the Biserujka cave is a geological treasure that all visitors to Krk should experience. Stalagmites and stalactites decorate the 110-metre long cavern with grottoes of eerie shadows and calcite columns.





Activities on Island Krk



Ski-lift Krk

Experience the exhilaration of water skiing on a modern waterski pull in Punat Bay. Learn basic wakeboarding and water skiing techniques during a half-day visit to the Cable Krk sports centre, with equipment rental and supervision by our instructors. This 400m2 facility on a beautiful man-made beach above the sea features a restaurant with covered terrace and sunbathing area. Sip a special house cocktail, watch the waterskiing and enjoy the view of the islet of Košljun.


Olive days

Held in Punat at the end of October and at the beginning of November. During these days the olive harvest and a visit to the oil mill is organized, and in selected restaurants it is possible to taste dishes prepared using the high quality extra virgin, olive oil from Punat.


Figs days

"Za kraj augušta smokvu va usta" (A fig in the mouth for the end of August) - this gastronomical show is held at the end of August or at the beginning of September. Whilst enriching the tourist offer, the aim of this show is to point out the need for renewing the island's fig trees and to encourage the islanders to renew their production and refinement. Visitors to the island of Krk can taste fresh and dried figs, fig sweets and many other fig coffee bars.